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In my personal opinion, taking into account the price GW3DS flash kit, the package could be a little nicer. Some DS games modes such as iEvolution come in cans, are packed with microSD card slot and instructions included. Overcoming the packaging and the lack of extras, marked in red GW3DS kit flash itself has a good processing. The red label 3DS door Flash Kit is made ​​of durable plastic and has good bright labels, as they could last longer than the typical wear and wear look. Comparing the quality of the Flash Kit GATEWAY3DS highlighted in red 3DS game details, I cannot distinguish one from the other, in addition to GW3DS have a slight yellow tinge her. Build-GW3DS, the quality is comparable to that of an official 3DS cartridge. Blue label go  DS flash kit, the bar has been reduced in quality. The plastic is used in the attack, is a little cheap that the cartridge is a kind of feeling slippery. Marked as the red flash kit GW3DS marked blue DS flash kit features a bright label But instead of disappearing in a rich red color that fades into a dark blue color. The hull is covered by plastic caps, one of which, when I open it to take pictures PCBs tried broke maintained. Compared to the official DS Cartridge is clearly inferior.
I would like to take the time to mention that the purchase Flash Kit GATEWAY3DS who are actually getting two flash kits for the price of one. The first is to play the 3DS ROM Your 3DS, and the other is a DS flash kit that supports DS homebrew and ROM.


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